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Care Instructions

Thank you for being a Thorne Naturals customer! In order for your item(s) to last as long as possible, please review the following care instructions. Natural dyes are very sensitive, so it is important to treat them with extra care. If you do experience fading, Thorne offers $10 touch ups for life!


Drop off/pick up is available or $5 extra for shipping. Touch ups unavailable for undies or face masks.

Washing Whites


It is very important to use a Ph Neutral soap/detergent when washing natural dyes as a shift in Ph could alter the colors. We recommend Castile soap, Seventh Generation, or Synthrapol. Preferably hand wash, but the gentle/delicate cycle on your washing machine with like colors should be just fine.


Hang to dry out of direct sunlight or dry on a gentle/delicate setting in your dryer. Items are okay to iron on a low setting. 

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