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Welcome to Thorne Naturals and happy women's day! We are a proudly woman owned, slow fashion initiative in the Gaslight District of Cincinnati. Everything you see on this site was made from mother nature, with a little bit of help from my two hands and a whole lot of patience. This started as a senior capstone project at UC, but has turned into so much more so quickly! The support I have been receiving has been nothing short of incredible, and I would like to give back that love and support to women (or anybody!) in my community. You are more than welcome as you are here at Thorne, and I hope that I can provide you with the knowledge and awareness of natural dyes, their benefits, and their beauty to make you want to try it for yourself! I will be documenting my projects here in my blog and sharing with you all my successes and failures in hopes you can learn from me and start dyeing on your own! I don't have all the answers, and what I've discovered is.... pretty much no one does when it comes to the world of natural dyeing. Every recipe I've read is different and I believe you really just have to try and hope for the best! I'm still learning everyday and I just want to give people the chance to join me, share their experiences, and grow together. If you find anything I'm doing here even a tiny bit inspiring, then feel free to subscribe and join this community. You can also reach out to me via the contact form to request your own custom item, learn about upcoming workshops, or to just ask a question about natural dyeing! I will try my best to be

Together, we can change the world.

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